Katoomba => Featherdale Wildlife Park => Sydney

Before leaving Australia my college roommates told me to see kangaroos and koalas. I added to the list with kookaburras and dingos.

I met up with my cousin who went to both the Sydney Zoo and the Featherdale Wildlife Park just outside of Sydney and she recommended the park because there was more interaction with the animals.

We set off from Katoomba and headed straight to the train station, no hiking today. The stop for Featherdale Wildlife Park is Blacktown. From there you can choose to take a bus or take a short cab ride. We decided to take a cab since we had all our luggage and there were 3 of us. I called ahead to the park and asked if they had a place to store our luggage and they said they would store it free of charge in their first aid room. There is a form you need to sign agreeing they are no liable for any losses.

Once inside the park we immediately spotted a small kangaroo wobbling about. (We think it was a kangaroo or Joey.) I expected it to do more continuous hopping but it was just scavenging and taking single small hops. I ended up chasing it sort of take a photo and then it hopped away just like I imagined a kangaroo would. We went on a Friday morning so it was fairly quiet. We were told 4 tour buses had just left, it was a good thing we missed them. The park is small so I can see how it can get busy fast. Most of the Blue Mountain guided day tours stop over at Feathersdale Wildlife Park on their way to the Blue Mountains. That’s something to keep in mind if you’re trying to avoid the crowds.

We continued to run around the park looking at the different animals.


There was a section devoted solely to koalas. They didn’t look real to me, I thought they were stuffed animals. They reminded me of pandas, just laying around and eating leaves all day. There were a few sleeping koalas and they nuzzled into the branches to sleep. That did not look like a comfortable position to sleep. They had an area where they would bring out a koala and you could take a photo. They brought out 4-5 koalas while I waited. Most didn’t like the attention so they kept trying to get away. The trainers would just carry them the way you would carry a baby.

We managed to get a couple photos with a koala. I didn’t expect being able to do that so that was nice.


Next it was back to the Kangaroos. We purchased food for $1. Again since 4 tours buses had rolled through they were not hungry and there was food all over the floor. There was one older kangaroo just chilling on the floor. We stood right next to him/her and took photos and he/she didn’t move. I don’t know if kangaroos are usually that chill or this one is just so used to humans.


On to the dingo! I just kept thinking of the movie quote, “a dingo ate my baby!” Upon first looking at a dingo you wouldn’t believe they could be dangerous. They look like beautiful dogs. I’m no actually sure if they are dangerous but they were in a gated pen.


Not much to say, pretty and blue and then I got the song stuck in my head.

Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree…

Tasmanian Devil

Even in captivity the Tasmanian Devil lives as he is still in the wild. He runs around his pen in circles to no end. It was both sad and funny to see. The sign says they constantly rearrange his pen and try to hide bones. This animal is all nature.

There were lots of birds and other animals that didn’t interest me as much.

We headed back to the train station, next stop Sydney. We checked into our hotel. We stayed at the Y Hotel City South. It’s not too convenient but not too far from the city. It’s not the nicest but the price is low.

We grabbed a quick late lunch/early dinner and headed to Circular Quay to catch a ferry to Mosman. The plan was to ride the ferry return to catch the sunset unfortunately it was cloudy and we couldn’t see the sun.

We headed to Haymarket for dinner at Mamak, a recommendation from a friend. It’s delicious Malaysian food. It was packed we had to wait in line.

It’s been a couple days so I forget everything we did that day.