Iceland: Part 3, Planning

I probably should have planned out the order of my blog posts before I started numbering them. As I started to write about my road trip I was reminded of what happened while I was planning for it. So let me backtrack…

While I was I in the planning stage of my trip I knew this road trip would be unlike any other I had ever embarked on. First, I would be alone. I wondered would I get bored? How much of an introvert am I really? I started posting on random travel sites I came across. Maybe I make new travel friends or at least ease some of the financial burden. Initially there were two responses. The first person to respond had travel dates that conflicted with mine. The second person to respond, we corresponded a few times, and it sounded like it could work, but there were compromises to make. I wanted my trip to Iceland to be everything, I wanted the freedom to go where I want and do what I want. And so I decided to go solo. A few weeks before my trip I started getting multiple responses, it turns out people who use the travel sites are last-minute planners.

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