Planning for Christmas in Belize

I didn’t know I wanted to travel to Belize until I decided I want to spend Christmas in Japan. 

When it comes to deciding where to travel to next I usually start by telling friends places I want to visit and wait for someone to respond back in agreement. 

This time around I expressed interest in traveling to Japan over New Year’s. Even though I briefly visited Tokyo on a 3-day layover to Korea last year I still wanted to travel more extensively through Japan. I really just wanted to visit Japan and indulge my appetite to my heart’s content. I was surprised when my friend expressed interest in traveling to Japan over Christmas. It turned out that was doable for me so I transferred my miles to Singapore Airlines to waitlist an economy seat round trip to Tokyo. Plans changed as they sometimes do and we decided to reroute to warmer climates, that warmer climate being Belize. 

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