Belize: Day 2

The rains continued into our first night in Belize. We awoke to news confirming all the caves in the area were flooded and our activity for the day, Cave River Tubing was cancelled as was our backup activity for the day, Barton Creek Cave. We scrambled up a Plan C. We drove to Mountain Pine Ridge to check out Blancecheaux and attempt to do some hiking there. We were told the rains had also flooded the main attractions but we decided to give it a try anyways. What else were we doing to do? 

The road to Mountain Pine Ridge was bumpy. We checked in with a guard at the gate and drove straight to Blanchecheaux. From there we received directions for the hike to Big Rock Falls. They warned us the way was muddy, I decided I didn’t want to hike in the rain/mud but my friend didn’t think the same so she hiked and I drove. We spent some time navigating the slippery rocks and taking photos. On a sunny day the water would have been crystal clear and you have found people swimming in the water beneath the waterfall and tanning on the rocks. Instead the water was brown and murky as it continued to rain intermittently and the sun was nowhere in sight. 

We stopped for lunch at Blancheaux. Afterwards we headed back to San Ignacio to visit Cahal Pech, the ruins of another Mayan city. These are popular for their proximity to San Ignacio, they are walkable from the city. Cahal Pech is smaller than Xunantunich. At the entrance to Cahal Pech were again offered the services of a tour guide but declined again. We explored the area on our own and again we were left to wonder what everything was. 

We got back to our hotel around 4:30 pm since there wasn’t much we could before the sunset at 5:30 pm. Most all the guests at the hotel also ate their meals at the hotel. It’s a small hotel and you quickly start to recognize everyone staying there. 

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