Hike to Rattlesnake Ledge

I was visiting Seattle for a weekend to visit friends and I wanted to go on a hike, big surprise. I had seen images of Rattlesnake on Instagram. I asked my friend if she was down, expecting her to say no, but to my surprise she replied with a resounding yes. She wanted to bring the whole family along which included her husband, her parents, a toddler and a baby. I looked up the hike, at 4 miles, round trip and an elevation gain of 1160 feet I figured it wasn’t difficult. My friend didn’t have a carrier for the toddler so I was hesitant as to how far she would make it, but I figured with enough breaks we could make it.

We woke up not so bright and early on Saturday and ate a sugar-rich breakfast of maple bars. Did you know a maple bar is a doughnut shaped as a bar with a maple glaze? I learned something new. We filled up every seat in the minivan and off we went. We had an initial hiccup when our GPS misguided us, but after getting directions from a local we found the parking lot for Rattlesnake. The parking lot was already full, so we joined the other cars parked alongside the road.

If nature calls there are portable toilets at the start of the hike. From the beginning the hike climbs constantly. Within the first 30 seconds the toddler declared she was tired and needed a rest. For the next half hour there was frequent stopping and resting. It was at that point someone decided the toddler and the grandparents would return to the bottom and wait for my friend, her husband and the baby to complete the hike.

With new determination we started again for the summit. We asked someone how far we were from the top and they estimated about 45 minutes. The suggested time says it takes about 45 minutes to an hour to reach the summit, but after taking so many breaks we didn’t make it very far. We continued up, stopping less trying to get to the summit quickly. The next time we asked someone they said we were only 20 minutes from the top. Not too far now! Just like the parking lot down below the top is crowded. It is a ledge so you need to keep away from the edge and navigate carefully between the groups of people.

The view at top is a nice reward for the short but strenuous hike. We snapped a few photos and then quickly made our way down. I didn’t know, but it was the first time my friends had ever hiked so I have to give them props for making it to the top.

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