Wanderlust: Antartica

At the start of this year I thought back on my travels wondering where I should head next and started listing off countries, continents and it struck me that I was only one continent away from visiting all 7. For someone who likes to plan ahead I was shocked I didn’t realize this much sooner. And so having visited 6 out of 7 I’m making future plans to visit Antarctica.

I didn’t even think it was possible for civilians to travel to Antarctica. I hear more about civilian travels to space than I do Antarctica. I was discussing my hopes to travel to Antarctica with a friend and he suggested taking a cruise. His parents had already set their sights on an Antarctica trip and looked into ways to get there.


I don’t know why it never occurred to me to “google it,” but that’s just how far fetched I thought the idea might be. As I continued to look into it I found you can either start your journey to Antarctica from South America or Australia. I only visited South America for less than 2 weeks so I would love to back. Australia, I love and would love to spend more time exploring the land down under. I had hoped to one day do an Alaskan cruise but maybe I could settle for one to Antarctica.


As unenjoyable marathons in good weather already are for me why does the idea of running a marathon in Antarctica excite me? If I am so inclined there next Antarctic Ice Marathon is scheduled for November 18-21, 2016.

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I don’t know when my trip will happen but it’s on the list for future adventures. Stay tuned!

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