I love this place. I visited for the first time 5 years ago and I loved it then. Most places I visit I don’t ever expect to go back but not Korea. I still have family in Korea and these are my people even if they don’t always recognize me to be one of their own. The question isn’t will you visit Seoul again, instead it’s when will you visit next, easy 2018!


Korean food is delicious in Korea and it’s always available, obviously. But having spent lots of time outside Korea where it’s not always available or not good when it is this place is like heaven.


You can go shopping anywhere in Korea. They have shops inside subway stations.

Street Food

No food trucks here, but you can find food carts all over the city. I’ve had more than enough of my fill of 혹떡.

The city that never sleeps

I haven’t figured out what time Seoul goes to bed because something’s always open.

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