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Incheon Airport is the gateway for almost all international flights to Korea and it’s 27 kilometers or around 17 miles from the city.

Gimpo Airport is the smaller domestic airport closer to Seoul.

It seems to be the thing for airports in Asia to have a domestic airport with few international flights closer to the city and a larger international airport located in another location further away from the city. This does not make it confusing or difficult when trying to book a connecting some six flight in country.

When I agreed to meet my parents in Korea they had already booked their flights from NY to Incheon, Gimpo to Jeju and their return flight to NY was from Busan to Incheon to NY. I booked a ticket Melbourne to Tokyo to Incheon and then an Incheon to LA flight with miles. I wasn’t able to fly to Jeju with miles and it cost too much to pay for a flight from Tokyo to Jeju, so I needed to purchase a ticket to Jeju from Gimpo.

To add another complication I wanted to spend time in Seoul and my parents wanted to come with but since their tickets are booked from Busan to NY we needed to go to Seoul in the middle then fly down and then fly back up.

What was supposed to be a relaxing trip has turned into the usual crazy.

October 10
Fly from Tokyo ~> Hiroshima ~> Incheon
Bus from Incheon ~> Gimpo
Fly from Gimpo ~> Jeju

October 20
Fly from Jeju ~> Busan
Train from Busan ~> Daegu

October 21
Train from Daegu ~> Seoul

October 23
Fly from Gimpo to Busan

****Update October 24****

October 26
Train from Busan to Seoul
Bus from Seoul to ?
Return Bus to Seoul
Return Train from Seoul to Busan

****Update October 24****

October 28
Fly from Busan to Gimpo
Bus from Gimpo to Incheon
Fly from Incheon to LA

After I get back to LA I wish I could say I won’t be flying for the rest of the year but the holidays are around the corner and I don’t do sitting still.

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