Lost in Translation

I’m borrowing the title from the movie with Bill Murray and Scar Jo but I don’t remember what actually happens in the movie.

I landed at Narita airport just before 4pm. This is my second time at Narita, the first time I was just connecting on my way to Singapore. It’s hard to believe that was 7 years ago!

I caught the JR airport train to Shinjuku. I’m not actually sure how long it takes but it’s somewhere around an hour. Most of the cities I have been traveling to the airports are close to the city. That’s helped a ton since I like to book 6am international flights… Usually I have a travel rule of no red eyes and no early morning flights but when you’re traveling with miles and trying to book the lowest fare you don’t really have much of a choice.

I got to Shinjuku around 5 or 6pm. I really can’t remember. It took about 15 minutes to walk to the hotel that I found without getting too lost. By that point I was drenched in sweat (lovely) and exhausted. I was just about ready to put off dinner and call it a night since I was jet lagged from my flight and sort of still on Melbourne time, 2 hours ahead.

Once I showered I got my second wind so I decided to venture out. My original plan was to get soba noodles but I wandered into Muji and Uniqlo and was tired again. At Muji I finally picked up packing cubes I could have used for the first half of my trip and maybe it would have helped me to not lose my clothes. At Uniqlo I bought a pair of jeans to replace my missing jeans.

When I used to live in China the locals would always talk to me in Mandarin. They wouldn’t believe me when I would tell them I’m Korean. In Tokyo everyone speaks to me in Japanese until I speak to them in English. In Korea they always speak to me in English if they can.

The trains confuse me to no end. Just when I think I finally get it I hop on the train headed the wrong direction and then proceed to exit at the wrong station. There seem to be multiple train lines running around the city. Luckily I found the magic pass that works on everything but it does take me about ten minutes to find my correct train.

I didn’t get a SIM card since they only have rentals. I’m flying out of Haneda and I wasn’t sure if I could return it another airport. Not having a SIM card does make it a bit harder to get around since I can’t rely as heavily on Google Maps. I usually walk a couple different directions until I can see the blue dot moving in the direction I need to be.




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