Cairns – It’s all about that Footy

When I was booking my tickets to and from Cairns I noticed the prices were high but I assumed it was because there were not many flights that went there. I didn’t check different dates since I needed to be there at a set time for my scuba diving course.

The AFL Grand Final is traditionally held the last Saturday in September or the first Saturday in October in Melbourne. If you’re impressed I know that don’t be because I just looked that up on Wikipedia. I was told to just substitute Super Bowl for Grand Final. That analogy immediately made sense to me but I still don’t know how the game is played or what it even looks like. I’ll have to continue my research on YouTube later.

So the game is played in Melbourne but guys like to watch the game in Cairns and then party. Or that’s what I gather. I guess to give another example an American would understand it’s like going to Vegas during March Madness or the Super Bowl.

My friends had traveled to Cairns a few weeks ahead of me and never mentioned it being party central.

The weekend following my scuba trip happened to be the time many non-professional Footy teams like to party in Cairns to end their season especially if they’re down south where it’s still cold.

Everything’s flipped in the Southern Hemisphere, the hot places are up north. There again was an influx of intoxicated males running around Cairns. It felt like I was on spring break in Miami, Cancun, Cabo, Bahamas, etc. I did witness a bikini competition but I didn’t see any wet t-shirt contests. Maybe that’s am American thing or it wasn’t hot enough yet.

I did happen to run into the occasional intoxicated male who got a little too close for comfort. I was usually able to squirm my way out of the situation. One time I could get tell the guy wasn’t going to leave me alone so before I decided to break into a run and possibly look a bit foolish I simply said, “please leave me alone,” and then he did! I was surprised he did. It took him a few more seconds to finally back off but after I turned the corner and looked back he wasn’t there. I’ve never actually said that before mostly because I think it will backfire and make the situation worse.

And to top it all off it was the end of school break so it was peak travel season all around.

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