Busan to Yung-gu

My cousin is currently serving in the military. He wasn’t able to get vacation so we didn’t think it would be possible to see him. On Friday my third aunt called and said she had figured out a way to visit my cousin, but we would have to wake up early. My mom and I were game since we had already travelled so far what’s a a little less sleep to see family.

I wasn’t able to sleep a wink since we had to wake up so early.


4:00 a.m. Catch a taxi to Busan train station

5:00 a.m. KTX train from Busan Station to Seoul Station

7:50 a.m. Arrive at Seoul train station, catch a taxi to East Seoul Bus Terminal

9:00 a.m. ~ I stopped paying attention to the time but I think sometime before 9 we caught a bus to Yang-gu

11:00 a.m. ~ I think we arrived in Yang-gu just before 11. We took a taxi to the military base where my cousin is currently serving.

My dad started to get worked up again where we were going. His memories of serving in the military were flooding back. He peppered the taxi driver with questions about his old base wondering how far away it was. He tried to ask my other cousins questions about his unit but she didn’t have any answers. You would think my dad was still on active duty.


11:45 a.m. Reunion with cousin. We headed to a restaurant nearby and have Korean BBQ. Everyone was excited to see my cousin and he was excited to see us. He had called the day before wondering if we were visiting yesterday. And then he called again this morning while we were making our way over to him.

Our entourage was 8 people: Myself and my parents from the US, my aunt from the US, my uncle & aunt from Canada, and my cousin’s mom & sister.

After lunch we spent the remaining hours outside talking and more eating.

4:45 p.m. My cousin needed to return by 5 so we said our goodbyes and parted ways. We got back to the bus terminal just after 5 so we were able to switch to the 5:20 p.m. bus.

7:00 p.m. Unknown location, the driver stopped and let people off and then told everyone to use the restroom now because he didn’t have any idea on when we would get back to Seoul. Without traffic it should have only been an hour but traffic was bad. We had already been in some traffic. I didn’t need his words and then regretted for the next three hours.

10:20 p.m. We finally arrived at East Seoul Bus Terminal. We had already cancelled our train tickets to get a refund afraid we wouldn’t make it. It was still another 40 minute cab ride to Seoul station. We decided to take the bus from Gangnam instead. It was allow us time to have dinner at the terminal.

11:00 p.m. Arrive at Gangnam Bus Terminal, have dinner. We had a big lunch but we hadn’t eaten for over 8 hours. Everyone was hungry.

Midnight We boarded the bus. Since this was a four hour trip the bus was nicer and the seats reclined with leg rests, imagine a bus full of lazy boys.

4 a.m. Everyone passed out for four hours and next thing you know we are in Busan! It worked out we missed the train, even though it’s an hour faster the bus has more room and was more comfortable.

That was an epic day of traveling. Tomorrow I’ll be headed back to Seoul by plane to finally head home! So now I have traveled by plane, train and bus to Seoul. Crazy.


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