Travel Planning

I’m leaving in 4 days and I still haven’t finished planning my trip, insert surprised emoji. I think I can take a short respite here to write a new blog entry.

I started 2014 with a simple three letter word, big. I decided to call this year, “the year of big.” At the time I defined “the year of big” as making this year about me and only doing things that made me happy.

I definitely did not start this year knowing I would be embarking on a months long trip.

Whenever I plan trips I pepper myself with questions, what to do you want to? What do you want to see? FOMO? I get overwhelmed I and I need to flesh things out. I need to read books, research online, learn enough to know if it’s something I want to do or if it’s overrated or something I would be disappointed by.

They say there’s no cure for the travel bug and I’m beginning to think that’s very true and I unfortunately have a bad case of it.

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