Sydney => Katoomba (Blue Mountains)

8:00am Wakeup
8:30am 2 mile run around Hyde Park
9:00am Shower, pack, get ready
9:46am Check train schedule, set goal to leave in 4 minutes to catch 10:09am train to Katoomba.
10:11am Board train, turns out the train doesn’t depart at 10:09am but probably arrives at 10:09am.
2pm Eat lunch at the Yellow Deli in Katoomba town. The Yellow Deli has the cutest interior. My friend H said he felt like he was in Hobbiton already.

After lunch we headed towards the cliffs of the Blue Mountains. We walked about 15-20 minutes or so to get to one entrance to the Prince Henry Cliff Walk. I originally in visioned a cliff walk being literally. And I guess it was but our path was covered in trees so we couldn’t see much of anything. There were some lookout points so we stopped along the way. We were headed to Echo Point where we would be able to see the Three Sisters. According to my national geographic guidebook, there are three rock pillars that are actually three girls turned to stone by their father to protect them from their enemies. Unfortunately the father died before he could turn them back and they remained frozen in stone. We started late so we didn’t get to do the loop we originally intended. The hike takes you down to the valley floor and then back up but the sub sets at six and you want to get out the floor before then.

We had dinner in town and then went to Woolworths to pick up some stuff to take on our hike the next day. One of the things I enjoy about visiting foreign countries is browsing the aisles of the their convenience or grocery stores. I like to see if there’s something that looks interests me.

Unfortunately at that point I felt really cold. Katoomba is a bit chillier than Sydney and then after eating dinner my body felt really cold.

We made it back to the hostel, put away our groceries and our stuff down. At that point I realized we didn’t have towels, we had assumed they would be given to us. The hostel is small and family run which is why I originally liked it but the downside I realize now is there’s not someone always available at the front desk. It’s been awhile since I stayed in a hostel and I’m forgetting the basics. I ended up calling the after hours emergency phone number and got reprimanded for using it to ask for towels. And since I was already being reprimanded I was originally only given one I asked for two more for my friends.

I spent the rest of the night trying to plan later parts of my trip. I’m still shocked that jet lag never actually hit me, just normal exhaustion when it’s close to bedtime.

Mobile Tip:

Word to the wise get Opal as your mobile plan and not Vodafone if you’re looking for more data. Opal gives you 500mb of data a day for $20. Vodaphone gives 1gb for $15 or 1.5 for $20. There’s other parts to the plan but data is my biggest use. On the first day I used 500mb of data so now I’ve tried to be more conscious of my use.







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