I caught an early morning flight out of Wellington back to Sydney. I was sad my time in New Zealand was up. I would definitely go back to New Zealand and revisit the same places to spend more time at each place.

I had a 6 hour layover in Sydney so I decided to head into the Sydney. The train makes is super easy and fast. It’s about a 15 minute train ride into the city.

I wanted to try for a third time to eat at Din Tai Fung since it’s become my thing to eat at as many Din Tai Fung restaurants around the world.

In the morning I ate an Anzac biscuit and and avocado, tomato on toast because I assumed I wouldn’t be eating on the plane. I flew Air New Zealand to Sydney. While on the plane they announced certain passengers would be getting a meal based on their ticket class. I assumed that wasn’t me but then they served me a meal so I ate again. I think I ate 3 meals in 6 hours! I ended up skipping dinner that night since I was still full from lunch.

Din Tai Fung (Sydney)

I waited outside around 11:20am and there were already other people waiting! The restaurant opens at 11:30 for lunch. Once I sat down and I saw the menu had items not in the US! So of course I had to try! I also tried to black truffle xiao long bao and it was truffley. I was stuffed after 6 pork xiao long bao, 2 pork truffle xiao long bao, egg fried rice with chicken cutlet, and cucumber appetizer. I shouldn’t have ordered the chicken cutlet and should have just tried 1 truffle xiao long bao. I ended up not finishing the fried rice and didn’t have room for desert. I swear the fried rice portion is larger in Sydney than in the US!

After lunch I headed straight to the airport. My flight to Cairns was on Virgin Australia. To watch the movies on the plane you need to download the app for your device. I used the airport wifi to download the iPad app. I think my constant flying is catching up to me because I’ve seen every movie I would want to see I’ve had to watch my c-list movies. I watched Planet of the Apes with James Franco and I enjoyed it.


I stopped by the Apple store in Sydney to check out the new iPhones. I’m guessing that’s the store where the first guy to buy it dropped it. There was a line to pick up phones but it wasn’t crazy. I checked out the two phones and the different colors. I didn’t gravitate toward either phone and immediately pulled out my iPhone5 sad we would be parting ways soon. It’s my first iPhone, I waited 5 generations to finally get an iPhone and I’m not ready to move on. I can’t believe it’s only been two years! How time flies! Maybe I’ll be one of those people who doesn’t upgrade. If I had enough memory I would probably consider it. I’m contract free! I’m a free agent!

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