We started the day off at the Sydney Fish Market. Trip Advisor says this is the third largest fish market in the world, Rough Guides says it’s the second largest. So I’ll just say it’s in the top three.

The market is fairly clean and the fish is fresh. We got tuna sashimi, salmon sashimi, uni, and oysters. I loved everything but the oysters. They didn’t have hot sauce for the oysters so I didn’t enjoy them as much.

Next stop Town Hall for the Free Sydney Tour. It’s about 2.5 – 3 hours and it’s FREE! You can choose to tip the guide at the end. The tour was really informative but a little exhausting if you’re carrying a full backpack because you walk around everywhere. It probably would have been a better idea to do the tour first because they tell you about other attractions. Some of the tips they told us were too late since we were headed out the next day. Initially we only planned about 2-3 days in Sydney because we didn’t think there was much to do, but I actually enjoyed Sydney and wished we had more time to explore the different neighborhoods. I wouldn’t mind living here and getting to know the city better.

They have tours at 10:30am and 2:30pm. They have a tour at 6pm just for the area known as The Rocks.

From there we hopped on another ferry and headed to Manly Harbour. We wanted to try to get some sunset photos again tonight and also check out a Sydney beach. I heard Manly is a big surfing spot so I hoped to catch surfers in action but there were no waves when we got there. We biked for about an hour and a half and then headed back to the ferry. Having just biked the Seawall in Vancouver I was a little under impressed but the route we took did take us to some good viewpoints but we had to climb some rough hills. I ended up walking my bike for a bit.

Back on the boat we were initially discouraged because it was cloudy again but as we got closer to Sydney we could see the light reflecting on the city and we hopped up to take photos as did everyone else on the boat.

This reminds of the riding the Staten Island Ferry. I’ve officially become that tourist who rides the ferry for a cheap way to get a good photo.

We headed to Hurricane’s Grill in Darling Harbour for dinner. We didn’t get a reservation so we planned tot just wait. We ended up waiting 2.5 hours for a table. They have a fireworks show every Saturday night in the Harbour. By the time we sat down the fireworks were over and I was exhausted.

I haven’t felt the usual jetlag but I feel utterly exhausted. I’m hoping to catch up on sleep somewhere down the line.






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