Polynesian Spa

The water in the outdoor pools are from an actual hot spring. I went around 7:30pm since it closes at 11pm and they have free wifi at the cafe. Unlimited free wifi is hard to come by in New Zealand and I’m down to about 300mb of data on my mobile plan. I picked the $45 Lake Spa. The hottest pool was 42 Celsius. I didn’t last very long in that pool. I enjoyed my time in the pool that was deemed too cold by a Chinese woman at the spa. I’m pretty sure I was hanging at the spa with an entire Chinese tour group. I tried to listen in to practice my listening skills but most of their accents were too strong.

It’s called the Lake Spa because you get views of the Lake but you can’t see anything at night.


They created this fictional village for the LOTR movies and then rebuilt it with permanent structures for the Hobbit movies. It feels a bit like Disneyworld where no detail is missed. Most of the trees and plants are real. The structures were all built and then severely distressed. I want to re watch the movies when I get back.


Zorbing and New Zealand have always been synonymous for me. I don’t even remember why. I really wanted to go zorbing but it wasn’t going to fit our original itinerary since there’s only one place in New Zealand you can do it. But then weather happened and it changed everything. We decided to leave National Park and then I had to figure out if I could leave with them or stay behind. Since zorbing was #1 on my list I wanted to make it happened. I was able to rebook/cancel some things and had to pay rebooking fees and lose deposits but it was all worth it. My cousin had recently gone zorbing and she raved about how awesome it was. Zorbing is loads of fun and after the first ride I bought two more! My YHA Hostel in Rotorua recommended Ogo instead of the Zorb company because they have a longer track. At first I wasn’t sure what to do since I hadn’t looked at the other company but I decided the longer track would be more fun and it’s closer to town. It’s same inventor, he just started a new company. When you look at it it doesn’t seem that long but once you’re in it it feels long. I tried both the straightaway and the sidewinder and both are fun. I can now understand why hamsters love their hamster balls.

Naked Bus

Yes there’s a bus service called Naked Bus. It’s like a Greyhound or a Peter Pan. I got to the bus stop 20 minutes early and still ended up running across the street chasing the bus. I failed to notice the sticker on the side that said Naked Bus and instead was looking at the name on the back of the bus which I’m not sure what it refers too.

This is the second time this trip I’ve had to run with all my bags at the last second.

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