One Day Routeburn Track

We wanted to head out by 8am but we didn’t wake up until 7:45am so we headed out about 2 hours later.

We drove north towards Glenorchy and from there followed signs to the Routeburn Track. The signs are well placed and clear. We parked at Routeburn Shelter. Since it’s still currently winter that means no running water in the bathrooms at the Shelter.

From the parking lot you get a view of the snow covered mountains and the first of many suspension bridges. We were told it would be cold and windy so we were well prepared and it turns out we were over prepared, minus the wet sneakers and socks.

Our plan was to get to as close at the Routeburn Falls as possible. Normally this is three day hike that can be started at either end. We started at one end, prepared to hike back the way we came.

We started the hike and immediately warmed up and shed a few layers. The sun was just coming out and the brisk walking was quickly warming us up.

I won’t be able do justice describing just how beautiful everything was. Every few minutes I just had to take a step back and say wow, this is real and I’m right here.

Everything part of the hike was beautiful. It had snowed/rained the night before so there was a light dusting down below by the start. We began to encounter more snow the higher we went. By the time we reached the Falls Hut there was snow pretty much everywhere and it was hard to find a dry place to safely step your foot, hence the wet sneakers and socks.

We tried to wrap shower caps around our bare feet then layer socks over but got mixed results across the board. It didn’t work.

The Falls were covered in melting snow, puddles and run offs were prevalent everywhere.

We stopped at the Falls Hut for lunch and quickly headed down to get back well before sunset.





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