New Zealand: Christchurch => Lake Tekapo => Glentanner Park

We took an early flight out of Sydney to Christchurch. By the time we landed, passed through customs, figured out mobile plans it was 1pm. We picked up our rental car and then out friend who had flown in a day earlier. We had a quick lunch and picked up some groceries. We wanted to make it to Lake Tekapo for sunset but we spent too much time in Christchurch and didn’t make it. We tried to go to St. John’s Observatory at night but it closes at 5pm to the public. There was a place nearby that runs stargazing trips but they were expensive so we passed.

In Tekapo we picked up groceries to make sandwiches for dinner and got gas. We headed on towards Glenntanner which is just outside Mt. Cook Village.

(Exhaustion is hitting as I’m trying to write this. Maybe I can expand later.)

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