Milford Sound, Te Anau, Queenstown

We’ve been out and about all day I haven’t had time to write. I’ll try to write about the last few days.

I just read my previous post and realize I didn’t even talk about Milford Sound.

Milford Sound is actually a fjord not a sound. It was incorrectly named and the name stuck. I didn’t expect to see fjords in New Zealand but I’m learning on this trip New Zealand is unreal.

The drive to Milford is beautiful but to be honest the drive anywhere in New Zealand is beautiful. You drive by endless blue lakes and snow capped mountains. The last bit of the road you drive through a tunnel that looks raw and unfinished. This is not like any of the NYC car tunnels I grew up driving through. This tunnel looks like they blasted through the mountain last week. It’s currently a one way tunnel so it possible they are trying to expand it to two lanes.

So far in New Zealand we’ve driven across countless one way bridges and walked across countless suspension bridges. This country has a lot of bridges and a lot of water. I love that this country has so much water. If I ever need to leave California I might just move to Queenstown.

We picked Mitre Peak as our cruise of choice because their smaller boats allowed for a longer ride and a close up if the waterfalls. It seemed to be the measure the companies used to boast about the pros of choosing their company over another company. A bigger boat would probably has been cheaper. We chose to drive ourselves to have the option to stop along the way but we actually didn’t stop too much. We paid $80 for the 12:20pm boat but the prices vary, the 2:00pm boat was $70.

The views on the boat were nice and when they said get close to the waterfall they meant drive into the waterfall. Since I didn’t take the large boat I didn’t have anything to compare it to.

After the cruise we headed over to Te Anau for the Glowworms Cave Tour. There’s not much to do in Milford but cruise and hike and it’s infested with pesky sand flies that enjoyed eating my friend alive.

I hadn’t heard anything about the Glowworms before coming to New Zealand but my friends wanted to check it out so we decided to layover in Te Anau to check it out.

It was a bit of a bust so nothing I would recommend or suggest staying a night over for and if you’re headed to the West Coast you can see them for free.

The next day we headed back to Queenstown to go Jetboating. The boats travel at high speeds on only 4 inches of water through the canyons. This would be our one adventurous thing in Queenstown. It was fun but cold since it’s still winter. I can’t decide whether or not to recommend it. If you do try to get Nick as your driver.

Queenstown is a quaint ski city and the adventure capital of the world. You can walk down any street and see travel companies advertising bungee jumping, canyon swinging, whitewater rafting, jet boating, skiing, snowboarding, etc. It’s also a beautiful city that sits on a lake at the foot of the mountains. I wish we could have spent at least a full day in the city but we mostly just stopped in for meals. I did finally get the chance to try New Zealand salmon sashimi and it was delicious.

Everyone tells us to go here and then tells us it’s not the best. I would have to say the same, you should go and it’s good but not the best.

The Find
Then they tell us to go to The Find to get a burger. I actually tried the cod sandwich at Fergburger and then Texas Chili at The Find… Both were good and I enjoyed them.

Your typical small Japanese restaurant run by Koreans. Delicious salmon sashimi and kake udon.



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