Las Vegas

This Vegas trip was planned long before. My friend S joked that I not forget about her knowing my penchant to travel on a whim. I did forget for the first few hours when the possibility of this trip was turning into a reality. But luckily I checked my calendar before booking tickets!

Day 1: We arrived bright and early so early I didn’t get to sleep much since I was doing last minute packing and planning.

Instead of staying at Aria or around that area we decided to try out the new SLS Las Vegas.

Having lived in LA for a number of years everything about the hotel felt familiar. Some of the same restaurants in LA have made their way to Las Vegas. We decided to hit up the buffet first, a Vegas classic. We were underwhelmed by the food but found everyone to be friendly and helpful.

With our bellies satisfied next stop was the pool to work on our tans. We searched high and low for a free lounge chair but they were none to be found. We caved and ending up buying a pool bed. It worked out since it was so hot out we took frequent dips in the pool to cool down.

Since we decided to splurge on a pool bed we cancelled our sushi reservations for Yellowtail at Bellagio. I was looking forward to it but it would have been expensive and the pool bed was actually cheaper.

After a couple hours at the pool (including a detour when I met up with friends for lunch outside the hotel) it was back to the room to get ready. With the SLS being so far from everything else you kind of end up staying in the hotel all day or out all day.

We will have to say the ‘selfie’ mirrors inside the rooms are a big win. They have two mirrors facing each other with lights you can turn on and off. If you look at either of the mirrors it looks like you’re in a hall of endless mirrors.

While waiting for a taxi we ran into another Britney fan on the way to the show. After about a 2 second encounter we decided to share a cab and continue to chat about our favorite topic of conversation, Brit Brit. The cab that pulled up and the advertisement on top was for the Britney show! We excitedly told the driver, “Britney show please, you’re driving the Britney cab!” To which he replied, “Oh am I? I drive a different cab everyday I never check.” We continued to chit chat with the driver and fellow Britney fan.

I will have to say I’ve had the friendliest encounters on this trip to Vegas. Usually there might be a simple, “How are you doing today?” and then end there but it’s led into conversations where we learn a little bit about each other.

We arrive at Axis quickly purchase drinks and head to our seats. Having been here before I was somewhat familiar with the venue, but not so familiar with how to get to the venue from the casino floor. I’m pretty sure that’s the plan for every casino confuse people and keep them inside the casino so they never leave.

The 30 minute countdown pops up on the screen and we begin to get excited. According to the timer the show was expected to start about 15 minutes late. I think every Britney concert I’ve ever been to Britney has always started late. But this time Britney surprises us and ends the countdown before it hits zero and then boom, “it’s Britney b*tch.”

Then for the next 90 minutes it felt like we were in a Vegas club and Britney was performing live, which was exactly what happened. This time around we didn’t spot any celebrities in the audience. I want to say there were a few costume changes from last time but I can’t be sure. Even from where we sat I could tell she’s been working on her abs. Post-breakup Britney might be spending more time in the gym or possibly it’s motivation from her new clothing line.

After 90 minutes of singing and dancing and no sleep the night before we were exhausted. We walked around the mall unable to find our way out and eventually ended up at the Planet Hollywood taxi line. The line was long and I couldn’t see the end of it. I was too exhausted and couldn’t bear the thought of having to wait in that line. A suggested we head to the Elara hotel nearby and try their taxi line. Back to the mall we went and found our way over to Elara, the line was shorter, barely anyone there but there were also no cabs. Luckily we didn’t wait too long before we hopped in a cab and headed back to SLS.

Once there I began packing and figuring out what I would need until I got to Sydney. I wasn’t sure if I would have to recheck my bag in Vancouver or if it would go straight through. I picked out a few outfits and packed everything up again. Finally got into bed just before 1am for my 3 hour nap, oh the joys of flying during peak season.

At 4:15 am my alarm went off. Confused I hit snooze and went back to sleep. At 4:20 my first backup alarm went off and I realized it was time to get out of bed. I groggily got out of bed and got ready.

A few weeks ago I had a dream which I’ll call a nightmare. In my nightmare I forgot my passport and only realized this once I was at the airport. I was frantically trying to reach my mom and tell her where to find my passport and bring it back to the airport. While she was looking I realized I left my passport in Los Angeles and in my dream I was in NY. I woke up sad and disappointed in myself. Sometimes my dreams feel so real I can’t immediately distinguish what’s reality and what’s only a dream. Once I realized I was only dreaming I felt relief.

So far it’s only been one day and I consciously make sure to put my passport back each time I take it out.


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