Katoomba (Blue Mountains)

Day 6

We decided to stay in Katoomba and do the hikes we were not able to do yesterday. Without a car it’s limits how much you can do since the distance between towns and different points can be far. It’s still possible to do it by foot, there’s just more walking.

We started by heading down the Grand Staircase and made it down below the suggested 30 minutes. It’s about 1000 feet to the valley only it didn’t feel like we reached the valley by the time we reached the last step.

We continued along to the Furber steps just walking along the path. We again made it to the location ahead of the estimated time. Going up the Furber steps took a long time because we stopped to take pictures multiple times. The views are incredible and abundant. The Furber steps take you right next to the Katoomba Falls. For us the water was not gushing down it but the gentleness made it beautiful.

Once at the top we headed back into Katoomba to browse some shops and buy some winter gear for New Zealand. After some time we headed over to Leura to hike to the Leura Cascades. Again I was amazed by the beauty of everything.

It may not be as great as the Grand Canyon but the Blue Mountains are lovely and have a little bit of everything, rainforest, mountains, and views.



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