Geothermal Activity Day

We decided to leave National Park since it was a bust. The hike we wanted to do was under avalanche watch and there was no sign it would be safe to hike tomorrow. Even our backup plan to snowboard failed.

We headed towards Rotorua and made stops along the way suggested by out guidebook, NZ Frenzy. This area has heaps of geothermal activity. You can pay to see steam rising from the ground and you can see it off the side of the highway.

At this point we’ve had our fill of waterfalls, suspension bridges, one lane bridges, rainbows, cows, and sheeps. Today we got our fill of steam rising from the ground.

We arrived in Rotoura just after sunset. There’s not much to do here after hours expect head to the Polynesian spa and enjoy the hot springs which is what I’m doing now. I’m sitting in a lake spa and typing away while hoping I don’t drop my phone.



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