Winning the Mount Whitney Lottery

A few months ago two of my friends asked me if I wanted to hike Mount Whitney. My immediate reply was an over enthusiastic, “YES!”

In order to hike Mt Whitney in one day on the Mt Whitney Trail without the use of technical equipment you need to enter a lottery to obtain a permit. Lottery applications for 2014 are closed.

Back in March every member of team our submitted an application into the lottery. We lucked out, 4 out 6 of our applications were selected. That’s pretty surprising, since this year 11,364 applications were submitted and only 4,473 were successful.

We primarily selected Sundays in July, August and early September.

You can check to see how many applications were submitted for each day of the permit season,

The lottery process has a lot of rules and you will want to be sure to follow them. Even after you have one the lottery you will need to accept it and then again two weeks prior to your permit date.

You can get all the details here.

Good Luck!



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